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10 ideas for 100% DIY Christmas gifts

Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to think about the gifts you could sew and offer! 10 easy sewing ideas!

Have you already started thinking about your Christmas gifts? Why not try a little handmade gift this year?

We just have to keep in mind that some things can be more dangerous than others. For example, making a garment for a person whose tastes or measurements are not necessarily known can be complicated.

If you want to get into DIY here are some ideas without the risk of disappointment!

For adults

1.The traditional Christmas sock

The tradition is not very widespread in France, but in England Christmas socks are an institution!

They are often placed on the fireplace and are filled with small gifts. Nothing is easier than to make a Christmas sock, just get yourself a red felt and a white felt (for the top of the sock) and draw a template by helping you with one of your socks!

Then sew the two pieces of fabric together. The felt is particularly easy to work with and does not need to be overridden.

The advantage: you can decorate the sock with patches, embroidery in the person’s name… Full of possibilities and of course it also works for children!

2.A zero waste kit

To encourage your loved ones to be greener, the zero waste kit is an ideal solution!

To make it more attractive, we use colored cotton (preferably organic). You can buy cotton and fleece and make small double-sided squares for the kitchen and bathroom.

For the rest it is enough to cut a few towels, handkerchiefs and one or two bulk bags that one sews or surfile. With old t-shirts, you can also make a tawashi sponge.

3.Kitchen apron

Using cotton, thick linen or coated cotton, you can make an apron for the cooks of your entourage!

4.Teapot cover

To stay in the world of cooking and in the British atmosphere of Christmas socks, you can also sew a teapot cover, which keeps your drink warm.

It will also suffice to know how to place a bias and to equip oneself with a pretty colored fabric or printed and fleece.

For kids

5.A sewing kit

Some time ago, we were talking about sewing with the children. If you feel that your child is interested in the subject, why not concoct a small sewing kit?

For a specific project that she would like (bag, cushion, blanket, plush…), you provide the fabric, the supplies and a small voucher to spend an afternoon sewing together.

Also walk for adults who want to sew!

6.Teddy Bear

If you are creative or creative and know how to draw, you can start developing a plush with the image of the child’s favorite animal to whom the gift is intended.

And if you’re not, don’t worry! Many tutorials and templates are available online.

You can opt for a kit, so you don’t have to find yourself the plush fabric that fits your project!

7.A double snood

Snood is especially practical for children! By taking a thick cotton or linen for the outside and a warm fleece fabric for the inside, it is possible to vary the combinations to infinity depending on your child’s favorite color or pattern. To sew a snood child size, count two rectangles (outside and inside) of about 18 x 55 centimeters. To be adapted according to the age and size of the child!

Baby gifts

8.A small birth kit

Nothing is easier than sewing gifts for newborns!

The classic, with which you can never go wrong, is to compose a small birth kit with a bib, a notebook holder and a nipple clip.

Here again, the choice of fabric does everything so do not hesitate to select it well!

We would also prefer, if the budget permits, an organic fabric.

9.A turbulette

The turbulette, also known as a sleeping bag, is an easy-to-make, very practical gift that doesn’t require large bases to sew—unless you choose to place a zipper.

However, it will have to be systematically doubled. If you offer it at Christmas, prefer a fleece lining that will be warmer, and a soft fabric that will be more pleasant for the baby.

10.A bathing cape

A bath cape can be sewn very easily with a sponge cloth and simple installation of a bias. Even if parents already have one, it is always practical to have several! It will be easily customized with small rounds of terry fabric to make animal ears, a flowery or colorful bias, embroidery…

The only limit is your creativity!

Have you ever given DIY gifts at Christmas? What are your plans for this year?


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