6 Business ideas for young Entrepreneurs

If you are under the age of 30 and want to get started, here are some ideas for starting a business that could inspire you.
There are many examples of companies powered by ambitious and bold young entrepreneurs, so why not you?

Even if England does not allow as much flexibility as across the Atlantic in terms of the legal age to start a business, it is nevertheless possible to create your company completely independently from 16 years.

If there are specific support schemes for young people, it will be necessary to find an original and promising idea on which to build your business creation process.

Between the construction, personal service, commercial and digital sectors, the choice is wide and innovations offer attractive prospects for the most motivated.

Six Business Models for Young Ambitious Entrepreneurs

More than 2 in ten students say they want to become an entrepreneur.

The desire to participate actively in working life in a framework combining passion and independence is increasingly competing with the traditional model of entry into the labor market.

For these young people, awareness of a changing world that promotes initiative, creativity and agility is a formidable motivator.

Many young people feel a gap between traditional learning and their expectations for building the world of tomorrow.

Here are 9 business creation ideas for young people, to refine according to your entrepreneurial profile, desires and skills.

1. Become an influencer on social media

Influencer on social networks is a profession in strong development. This requires an excellent sense of communication, marketing knowledge and a good command of the digital field to hope to reach a sufficiently large and committed audience, in order to attract profitable partnerships.

3. Build a digital agency

If you are creative and comfortable with communication, the idea of founding a full-stack agency could prove useful.

Many companies neglect or underestimate the importance of their brand image in their marketing strategy. A 360° approach supporting corporate identity as well as day-to-day communication could be an interesting service to offer, regardless of the size of the company.

4. Engage in social entrepreneurship

Social utility is another major issue in today’s and tomorrow’s society. We are talking about social innovation, or inclusive businesses.

Companies that promote their ethical values and their civic and responsible approach, such as recruitment, compensation and well-being at work, contribute to a more equitable economy.

5. Build a ready-to-wear brand

Among the business creation ideas for young people is the creation of a clothing brand Made in the UK.

Many brands have launched in recent years, with great success. It must be said that the growth in clothing made in the UK is exponential.

6. Start a Food concept shop

If there’s a promising field that’s constantly being renewed, it’s gastronomy.

Whether the culinary method is traditional or innovative, a sales or tasting location knows how to offer visitors a unique experience. The customer experience of food is the core element.

Launch an amazing concept store that offers a unique and immersive experience!

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